Masterclass con Guillermo Pérez – Johannes Ciconia 13-15/02 2015















Johannes Ciconia (Liège ca. 1370 – Padova 1412)

 13-15 February 2015

Master of the isorhythm, strategist of the polyphony, expert in Ars Subtilior, composer of virtuoso trecento madrigals, omniscient genius as well as an eminent theorist: Johannes Ciconia is without doubt one of the most important musicians working in Italy at the beginning of the 15th century. Holder of Ars Nova traditions, Ciconia is also known as the “musicien de la transition”, composing in the most modern and experimental styles, predecessor of the Franco-Flemish aesthetic that will captivate European audiences during the quattrocento.


This weekend masterclass will offer the possibility of study his life and his musical and theoretical works. Furthermore to the presentation of musical forms, counterpoint, melodic and formal analysis, the students will perform a selection of Ciconia’s songs, liturgical works and motets. A complete set of scores will be sent three weeks before the masterclass.


We’re looking for a minimum of 4 singers (2 women, 2 men), 3 organetti, 2 lutes, 2 fiddles. Other instruments (keyboards, winds, …) are very well-come to join the ensemble!


The masterclass is open to active participants and auditors interested in theoretical and analytical presentations.


Tuition: 180€

Listeners: 130€