23 e 24 giugno 2015: LABORATORIO con Patrizia Bovi e LAUDE ILLUSTRE

al CeSAB

martedì 23 e mercoledì 24 giugno 2015,

ore 11,00-13,00



Laude Illustre is a visual concert with Italian Laude songs from the 13/14th c. combined with newly composed  instrumental pieces inspired by traditional Norwegian folk music and set with moving images of medieval paintings from Danish churches from the same period.

Laude Illustre is a narrative platform where we explore the medieval concept of heaven and earth as well as the complex dialogue between God and man. The evocative Laude songs in the Tuscans´ own tongue, are enhanced by the projections of stucco paintings animating central biblical stories and dances played on the medieval fiddle and Baltic lyres.

The Scandinavian ensemble Laude Illustre are artists-in-residence at Circolo Scandinavo in Rome in June 2015. During their stay in Rome they will develop the project further through research, give concerts, participate in workshops and conferences and record their material for future audiovisual publications.


info 3488722313