25-28 July 2016


Theme of the 7th Course:
The ballads of the Italian Trecento and the Ars Nova of Antonio Zacara da Teramo.

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The program of the 7th International Course of Spello sees the study of ballads of Florentine and anonymous authors of Italian fourteenth century, along with other forms of dance. In particular, it will go to the rediscovery of the art of Antonio Zacara da Teramo who lived between the end of the fourteenth century and the beginning of the fifteenth, of which this year marks the 600th year of death (1416). Alongside the music of Zacara there will be secular compositions of Gherardello da Firenze, Lorenzo da Firenze, Donato da Firenze and Francesco Landini.

The 7th Course this year will have a special edition; In fact, 25 to 28 July, in Spello, there will be only the practical courses, while from 26 to 28 August, you’ll end up in Teramo, in the Abruzzo region, where, will take place, under the Scientific Direction of Francesco Zimei, the ” Zacara Triduum “- European paths to celebrate a protagonist of early European music – a festival with conferences, masterclasses, concerts, with the participation of three major international groups: Micrologus (Italy), Currentes (Norway) and Leones (Austria).

The program of the 7th International Course of Spello, as well as the Florentine ballads, will focus on Zacara music, whose compositions are often of considerable complexity, and in any case the expert processing, with a distinctly Italian flavor and a very precise style : secular music comes from Mancini Codex of Lucca, with ballads for 2 or 3 voices and the only caccia (from Codex Squarcialupi of Florence); instrumental versions of vocal compositions from the Codex Faenza, and some examples of music used in the papal chapel, a Credo and Gloria, the first Italian documents to put parody from the Codex Q 15 of Bologna.

In the Ordinary Courses is possible to study even more repertoire of the Italian fourteenth century.
Singing / Choral singing – Simone Sorini
Lute – Peppe Frana
Flutes, shawn and bagpipes – Goffredo Degli Esposti
Hurdy-gurdy and Symphonia – Giordano Ceccotti
Traditional tambourine – Francesco Savoretti
Fiddle and rebec – Gabriele Russo
Wind Instruments Ensemble/Alta Cappella – Ian Harrison
Afternoon courses:
Small Ensemble music/Orchestral – Goffredo Degli Esposti, Peppe Frana, Gabriele Russo, Simone Sorini (choir), Ian Harrison (alta cappella), Giordano Ceccotti (drone instruments)
Course structure (25 to 28 July)

The 7th INTERNATIONAL COURSE will begin on the afternoon of July 25.
MORNING (26-28 July): Main Courses
AFTERNOON: main courses, Ensemble (small groups and orchestra)
EVENING: musical evenings surprise, in various places of the city of Spello (program in preparation).

Final show evening of 28 July.



Singing/Instrument course: 200€

Percussions course: 150€

2° Course frequency: 130€
ENSEMBLE FEE (minimum 3 members):

Singing/Instrument course: 180€

After this date will be still possible to apply with an additional fee of 40€.


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