MEDIEVAL MUSIC WORKSHOPS – Teramo, 26-27 August 2016


In collaborazione con il Centro Studi Europeo

di Musica Medievale “Adolfo Broegg”


Teramo, Auditorium Santa Maria a Bitetto


FRIDAY 26 AUGUST, 10,00-13,00 a.m.

«Rosetta». Workshop on medieval string instruments

A – Marc Lewon, Lute, Instrumental Arrangement & Ensemble Class

B – Baptiste Romain, Vielle, Improvisation & Voice accompaniment


SATURDAY 27 AUGUST, 10,00-13,00 a.m.

«Ciaramella». Workshop on woodwind instruments

By Goffredo Degli Esposti



Fee: € 30 per student, to be paid before the beginning of each workshop. Registration: please send an email to with your name, surname and phone number; Re: ROSETTA or CIARAMELLA.