Bookable Shows

On BOOKING, in the Auditorium of the Centro Studi you can attend

Concerts of Medieval Music

organized specifically for tourist groups who want to spend a nice evening discovering the past, through the songs and sounds of musical instruments, faithful reconstructions of vintage ones.




Canti d’amore e di festa del Medioevo


Enactment of the largest Micrologus, the Soloists of Micrologusare training smaller, 3 or 4 players, with one or two singers and two instrumentalists.

Runs the musical repertoire of more immediate communication of the European Middle Ages: love songs of the troubadours, the Carmina Burana, festive songs, tales and stories of miracles, ballads, dances, etc., In several ancient languages (Latin, Italian, French , German, English).

This group evokes the tradition of giullaria where the voices and instruments are means, not only music, but of theatrical expression and entertainment.


Maccagno Medievale

Among the instruments used are, in particular, some typical of the Middle Ages who play a drone: guinterna (plucked string instrument), fiddle (the medieval viola), flute & drum (three-hole flute played together with the drum), hurdy-gurdy (stringed instrument with keyboard) and the bagpipes. And still other special tools of the period: the rebec (another string instrument), the double flute, fife, the straight horns, the portable organ and tambourine.