The seat of the EUROPEAN STUDY CENTRE OF MEDIEVAL MUSIC ADOLFO Broegg is at the Church Santa Maria della Consolazione di Prato, in via Fonte del Mastro II, Spello (Pg), Italy.


Photo Roberto Vaccai.

Historical notesA privilege of indulgence of 1291 issued by the Bishop of Spoleto remembers the church as a chapel of St. Lawrence, where the Octave of Pentecost concluded a solemn procession. Between 1321 and 1329 the Chapter of St. Lawrence promoted the restoration of the building. 1365 is a privilege of indulgence granted to the Confraternity of the Recommended of S. Maria di Prato, among whose practices are lists that singular discipline before the SS. Sacramento. In sec. XVI, the Brotherhood was combined with that of the urban district of Rome. The interior was restored in 1770. The facade was rebuilt in 1808 to a design by Lorenzo Cecconi. Was suppressed after the unification of Italy. Inside on the right altar is a fresco very emaciated century. XVII, left the Madonna of Constantinople, century fresco. XVII. Currently the building is owned by the city.

Current status, choice of destination

The renovation functional after the earthquake in 1997, he delivered a property statically safe and suitable for public use. The recently renovated is equipped with toilets and have been complied with the rules for access to the public, is also easily accessible for its strategic location in the historic center and close to the outskirts to the main roads. The building of great value storicoarchitettonico, in relation to its position, the shape and distribution of the interior spaces and interventions that have allowed full recovery, was intended to accommodate a center of research and production of music, a place of gathering and dissemination cultural and musical: the European Studies Center of Medieval music entitled to Adolfo Broegg “. They were followed by speeches, made in respect of the quality of the manufacture of reversible nature which have interfered positively with existing structures. The project co-funded by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia and the Municipality of Spello was aimed to the preparation of the auditorium and adjacent rooms of the church, intended for music workshops and service rooms. In the first room was set up a small permanent exhibition of musical instruments made of drawings and ancient documents, already possessed by Adolfo Broegg and today donated to Micrologus. The project co-funded Foundation CR Pg concerned the proposed construction defined in total € 75,000.00 of which € 25,000.00 donated by that bank foundation. The recovery of the decorative – intervention not covered by funds in the reconstruction postsisma 1997 – was performed by the restoration company Opera Isabella Gubbini Bevagna. The restoration of the decorations have been carried out under the supervision of the Superintendent of High storicoartistici Umbria through the Inspectors of people in the area of ​​Drs Rita Bacoccoli, Brucato and Maria Francesca Cristoferi. The decoration recovered is of great value and invoice it is about ten subjects between saints and devotional images of different hand and period; the oldest are from the sixteenth seventeenth century modern ones date back to the eighteenth century XIX